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2013-1-31 · The Hungarian Railway Carriage and Machine Works was established in 1896, primarily for the production of passenger carriages and restaurant cars for trains. In 1936, they started the production of the Rába Super, Rába Maros and Rába Speciál lorries, with a working load of 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes and 30­passenger Rába autobuses.


2009-3-16 · Machine tool spindles special design high speed machine 1500 - 25000 tool spindles make to order Machine tool ballscrews make to order from 6mm to 250 - 9000 125mm diameter up to 7m long Page 494 of 1121 UK AND CHINA: PARTNERS IN BUSINESS


2008-5-22 · Drying machines, each of a dry linen capacity of 6 kg (dry wegiht) and over, but less than 8 kg 68 8451.21.20.00-9 Drying machines, each of a dry linen capacity of 8 kg to 10 kg 8